Looking to attract the best?

Do you want the best people to work for you but don’t know where they are, or how to attract them to your business?

Are you fed up with trawling through poor cvs, or wasting your time interviewing candidates that are not up to the job?

We can help.

Put the time in at the start

We deliver the best results when we know your business, what makes your employees tick, what your unique selling points are, what’s in the pipeline and what your company culture is.

That’s why we want to come and meet you. To see your offices, to find out about your projects, your organisational chart, to understand what you look for in your people.

Moving job is a major decision. Our candidates have lots of questions about security, career advancement, project portfolios, salary levels and why they should come and talk to you. When we partner with your business we make sure candidates get the full picture.

We like to meet our candidates

Where possible we meet the people behind the CV. This allows us to represent you more effectively. Our interview to placement ratio is very low, if we have concerns then we’ll tell you before the interview. We seek references (if required) on your behalf to add credibility to any candidate’s application.

For us its simple… find you the right person, they get the job, we get paid.

With a specialist database, carefully hand built we know the right people. With a collective 18 years in recruitment we are well placed to attract the right people for your company, so you can concentrate on your business saving you precious time, money and energy.